Matt Stell Recalls One of His Favorite Memories He Has of Spending Time With His Dad

For most Father’s Day is a great time to connect with your dad and do something special, or simply just spend time together…but for others the day is left to just memories.

Matt Stell‘s father is no longer with us, but he shares one of his favorite memories of a trip he took with his dad.

Matt recalls, “So, it would have been sometime around 2016 or so. I got my dad for his birthday tickets to go out to the Barrett Jackson auction out in Scottsdale, Arizona. We’ve always watched it on TV and we’ve always been really into cars and stuff like that. I got to go out there with him and a couple of his buddies and man that’s a memory that always stuck with me and he since passed, but that’s something that every time I think about it, I smile because we had a great time. And you know that that love of cars and things like that is is still with me today.”


Photo Credit: Matthew Berinato